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Muslims and the religion of Islam have been the subject of a media campaign that is getting larger by the day.

Making use of all types of media proved effective in turning people’s opinions against Muslims and Islam to the negative.

From politicians to religious leaders and from average citizens to people in academia, Islamophobics got very creative in producing anti Islam material that has been sufficient enough to the degree that there is no hour of the day that can pass without something negative about Islam, airing on a TV station, radio station, streaming on the web as well as printing on the press.

As a result of the intentional misinformation and the absence of the truth being proactively presented through the media, a great deal of resentment of Muslims and Islam has affected many people’s daily lives at places of work, at schools, and even where they live and worship.

Edification Media realizes the importance of the media in shaping public opinion and even changing individuals’ hearts and minds, and realizes that there must be a way to face this campaign.

Therefore Edification Media is committed to counteract this campaign by producing and distributing quality material of the highest standards to combat this giant wave of Islamophobia and to educate Muslims and others about the wonderful nature of Islam.

It is time you get involved by supporting Edification Media’s campaign.


They have heard enough “about” us.

Now it is time they hear “from” us.


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