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EMANetwork (Edification Media for America Network) is an independent multi-media production organization with efforts to engage, enlighten, and inspire people, particularly from the western hemisphere to act in an educated manner when approaching the current global issues pertaining to religion and faith.


  • The programs are developed to increase understanding through stories that are told mainly by American Muslims who have experienced life-changing events

  • Promoting the ability to empathize with those who otherwise would not have a voice to communicate their incredible journeys to the world

  • Creating a dialogue across cultural and faith-based boundaries through innovative programming with a voice for all to cooperate on important matters that face humanity

  • Providing professional, high quality programs and materials that are informative, yet challenging to the viewer in order to explore their spirituality and religious perspectives

  • Provide a venue for mainstream Muslims whose voice has been lost in the midst of various conflicts

  • Answering many misconceptions given by media and some religious groups about Islam and Muslims through television programs and web publications

  • Promoting interfaith and intra-faith dialogue through organizing and broadcasting conferences and meetings

Our Vision

EMANetwork aims to be a premier media source about Islam and the gate way to all of those who are seeking the truth to the world of Islam.

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