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Islam and the Media

Muslims and the religion of Islam have been the subject of a media campaign that is getting larger by the day.

Making use of all types of media proved effective in turning people’s opinions against Muslims and Islam to the negative.


Therefore EMANetwork is committed to counteract this campaign by producing and distributing quality material of the highest standards to combat this giant wave of Islamophobia and to educate Muslims and others about the wonderful nature of Islam.

It is time you get involved by supporting Enlightenment Media’s campaign.


They have heard enough “about” us.

Now it is time they hear “from” us.

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About us

EMANetwork (Edification Media for America Network) is an independent multi-media production organization with efforts to engage, enlighten, and inspire people, particularly from the western hemisphere to act in an educated manner when approaching the current global issues pertaining to religion and faith.

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